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Hey Venice!

New Recycling Carts will arrive in January 2020

RollOut new single stream recycling cart

Your new curbside recycling cart will have two wheels for easy maneuvering and a lid to keep your recyclables from becoming litter. Your cart is going to make recycling easier by providing you more space to recycle more items. All your recyclables go in the cart together, no more separating — a true win-win. Carts will be dropped off at your residence in January along with important program information.

See below graphic for what you will be able to recycle, and what you can leave out! (Please continue to use your red recycling bins until your cart arrives.)

 Venice_InfoCard_magnet - What to Include and Leave out

**A note that plastic wrapping used to package water bottles, paper towels, toilet paper, etc., is NOT recyclable and should be placed in the garbage, NOT the blue cart.