The Public Works Department includes general maintenance, parks maintenance and development, fleet management, solid waste and recycling.

The Maintenance Division oversees the daily care of public property including roads and streets, public buildings, street lights, traffic signs and traffic lights in the downtown area, and in parks.

The Parks Division maintains the city's smaller parks including playground equipment and structures within the parks. They maintain city rights-of-way, the children's interactive fountain as well as several other fountains in the city.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Division is in charge of collecting garbage, yard waste and recycling. Garbage is picked up twice a week, while yard waste and recyclables are collected once a week.  The City of Venice is changing its trash collection from manual to automated in phases. Residents will be receiving a free cart to replace your trash cans.  Please click here to choose your cart size for the new program. 

The Fleet Division manages the city's fleet including vehicle and equipment procurement, maintenance and fueling. 

Questions or Concerns, please call: 941-486-2422