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The Special Investigation and Traffic Enforcement (SITE) unit is comprised of three officers and one sergeant.  One officer is specially assigned to traffic enforcement.  The traffic officer is trained in operating the Venice Police Department patrol motorcycle (motor unit).  The other members of the SITE unit responsibilities include but are not limited to narcotic offenses, vice offense (organized gambling and prostitution), organized criminal activity, and intelligence collection.  Additionally, the SITE unit networks with other area law enforcement special investigations units (federal, state, and local units).   

Mission - Investigate narcotic related activities in the City of Venice through the use of confidential informants, surveillance, proactive patrolling, intelligence gathering, and other investigative means. Also responsible for the timely investigation of citizen complaints regarding narcotics violations and traffic violations.    

Goal - To arrest and prosecute organized and independent drug offenders, with special emphasis on importation, distribution, and cultivation offenses.