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  • Support: 911

    • Can my old disconnected phone still call 911?

    • What happens if I accidentally dial 911?

  • Support: Crime Prevention

    • I'm being asked to wire money. What should I do?

    • I'm being asked to wire money. What should I do?

    • Should I report suspicious activity?

  • Support: Detective

    • How many officers serve as School Resource Officers and what are their responsibilities?

    • Who is responsible for managing Crime Scene, Property and Evidence?

  • Support: Property

    • What should I bring when I come to pick up my property?

    • When can I claim my property that was booked as evidence?

  • Support: Records

    • How much does a police report cost?

    • What information can I receive regarding arrest information?

  • Support: School Resource Officer Program

    • How does the School Resource Program work?

    • What is a School Resource Officer?


    • How do I make a traffic complaint?

    • Where can I make a narcotics complaint?