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Patrol Division

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  • Patrol Division: Bike

    • Do I need a light at night or just reflectors?

    • Where can I ride my bicycle?

  • Patrol Division: Honor Guard

    • How many members are currently on the Honor Guard?

  • Patrol Division: K-9 Unit

    • Is harming a Police Dog the same as harming a Police Officer?

    • Where do the dogs go when they retire?

  • Patrol Division: Marine

    • Are boating safety courses available?

    • What is the required safety equipment I need for my vessel?

  • Patrol Division: Vehicle

    • How can I request a traffic crash report?

    • How do I report a drunk driver?

    • If I can't wear a seatbelt due to medical reasons will I still receive a citation?

    • What are the requirements to operate a motor scooter on the roadway?

    • Where do I pay a traffic citation?