2019 CPA Application

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Citizens Police Academy.  We are not accepting anymore applications at this time for the February 2019 Session.  Please check back in the fall for the next session.     

citizenacademygroupThe Venice Police Department is pleased to begin accepting applications for the Sixth Annual Citizens Police Academy. The Citizens Police Academy is an opportunity for interested individuals to understand local law enforcement practices. The Academy is a dynamic 10-week program, which begins in February 2019 on Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.  

The Academy is free of charge and encompasses hands on interactive scenarios to allow an insightful experience of a “day in the life of an officer.” If you ever wanted to fire a police-issued weapon, monitor and use police radios, or operate a police vessel, this is the opportunity. If you are curious about crime scene techniques and collecting evidence, join us! 

citizenacademyfingerprintsPlease complete the above application and return it to Babette Chovan at bchovan@venicegov.com. A limited amount of attendee openings is available.  

City of Venice citizens or city business owners/operators receive first consideration to attend the academy, and all applicants must pass a background investigation.