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The Land Development Code, Chapter 86, City of Venice Code of Ordinances, outlines development review procedures, descriptions of all zoning districts and use regulations for the districts, the Comprehensive Plan, development review procedures, and design and development standards.

The City of Venice Zoning Map outlines the zoning designations within the city’s boundaries. Residential, commercial, industrial, office and government use are reflected.

Zoning can also be searched by address at this link.

The Sarasota County Property Appraiser also provides information regarding zoning, ownership, and more. Properties can be searched by address, owner, or parcel identification number.

City of Venice Zoning Districts

Residential Single Family (RSF-1), (RSF-2), (RSF-3), (RSF-4): Variation among the four RFS districts concern lot area, width and certain yards.

Residential, Multi Family (RMF-1), (RMF-2), (RMF-3), (RMF-4): The permitted uses are the same in all RMF districts, but uses permissible by special exceptions vary, with more dense residential uses providing for more special exceptions.

Commercial, Business District (CBD): Is intended to be applied only to that area which forms the City’s center for financial, commercial, governmental, professional, cultural and associated activities.

Commercial, General (CG): Is intended for general commercial activity;

Commercial, Intensive (CI): Is intended for intensive, highly automotive-oriented uses that require a conspicuous and accessible location convenient to streets carrying large volumes of traffic.

Commercial, Shopping Center CSC): Is intended to encourage the development of planned commercial facilities with depth rather than strip-type commercial development.

Industrial, Light and Warehousing (ILW): Is intended for light manufacturing, processing, storage and warehousing, wholesaling and distribution.

Office, Professional, and Institutional (OPI): Is intended for professional and business offices and institutional, cultural and allied uses. The OPI district is designed to be compatible with residential uses.

Contact the Planning & Zoning Division for any additional information required. We are located at City Hall in Room 109 and our hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The main phone number is (941) 486-2626 ext. 7434.