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The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for land development planning, including review and coordination of zoning cases, comprehensive plan amendments, subdivision plats, site & development plans, variance requests, special exceptions, waivers, conditional uses, zoning map or text ordinance amendments, and petitions for annexation. 

Land use applications are submitted to Planning and Zoning and are distributed to the Technical Review Committee (TRC) for review. The TRC is responsible for confirming technical compliance. Issues considered by TRC staff include adequacy of public facilities, services and utilities and consistency with the city's comprehensive plan, zoning code and land development regulations. The TRC consists of multiple departments in the City of Venice, as well as a few outside agencies.

After project are confirmed technically compliant by the TRC, any required public hearings are scheduled. The number of required public hearings varies by application type. For information on submitting a land use petition or more details on the TRC Review Process visit the Land Use Petitions Process page.

Please contact Christina Rimes to request an updated application for any type of land use petition.