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The Flood Maps are changing once again!

The City of Venice has received the preliminary maps from FEMA as of early 2020. 

All of Florida is at risk for a flood. Do you know your flood risk? Visit our flood map web page to see the current map or see this slider map which compares the old map with the new map. To activate the slider, click the 3rd button in the bottom left corner. The left map is the new map and the right map is the old one. It helps to turn off the effective map layer for a better view of the new map since it seems to appear on the left side as well.myakka river

You can also call our staff, visit city hall, go to the open house listed below or visit FEMA's website for more information.  

 FEMA partnered with local government to host Flood Risk Open Houses in early March to help residents learn about the newly updated flood maps. Even though FEMA finished their open houses we will still have another public meeting to answer any questions our residents may have. 

 The next public meeting was scheduled for March 26 2020. However, due to recent events with the Novel Corona virus it has been postponed. We do not know when another meeting will be scheduled at this time. Check back later for updates! In the meantime for more information you can contact our staff, FEMA's staff (1-877-336-2627) or read the links below. 

Don't forget to see our FAQ page

Also check out Sarasota County's web page!

Open House Dates and Locations

TBD  Venice Community Center 326 Nokomis Avenue S, Venice, FL 34285


During the meeting, residents can locate their property on the new map and talk to local officials about what the information might mean for their property.

Flooding is the number one most common and costly natural disaster in the United States. It is vital that property owners understand their risk and take advantage of the tools and programs available to them, including flood insurance. The FIRM and the associated Flood Insurance Study report are used by flood insurance companies to determine flood insurance requirements and costs.

You can also speak with our staff or a FEMAmap specialist if you have any questions. 

FEMA Mapping and Insurance eXchange (FMIX) at 1-877-336-2627.