Flood Insurance

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Fast Fact for Flood Insurance

  • Flooding is the #1 disaster in the USA and Homeowners insurance will not cover it
  • If you are a renter or condo owner, you can purchase contents only coverage for flood insurance
  • More than 20% of insurance claims can come from outside the high-risk area (SFHA)
  • If you are out of the Special Flood Hazard Area you may be eligible for a preferred risk policy for just slightly more than $1 per day
  • Flood Insurance takes 30 days to take effect after purchase so don't wait
  • 1 inch of water can cost $27,000 or more!
  • See the Cost of Flooding to see what a flood may cost for yougirl in rain boots with umbrella

Try it at home

Take a ruler and measure 1 inch, 6 inches and 1 foot. What would be underwater if your home was flooded to each mark? How much would it cost to replace everything?

What about disaster assistance?

  • Disaster assistance usually requires a presidential declaration
  • Disaster assistance is usually given in the form of a loan that you have to repay
    • The SBA disaster home loan can extend to 30 years
    • The loan could cost significantly more than flood insurance

For more information

Visit the NFIP's website or  Visit Floodsmart

View FEMA's brochure on Protecting Your New Home for low cost ideas to save you money

Here are a few videos about flood insurance. See a survivor story from hurricane Florence. 

See how flood insurance can protect your assets

See how flood insurance has you covered

See the NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook 

Don’t wait. Talk to your insurance agent today!

It is your job to remain informed to protect your family, your pets and your property. The following links will help you make the most informed choice. Or visit the Venice Library at 260 N Nokomis Ave,  search the computer catalog under flood damage prevention