Code Enforcement Board

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The Code Enforcement Board shall have the purpose of conducting hearings relating to the enforcement of the City of Venice Municipal Codes. The Board has the authority and jurisdiction to consider and enter enforcement orders and impose civil fines. The proceedings before the Code Enforcement Board are Quasi-Judicial and are Civil in nature.

At the conclusion of each hearing the Code Enforcement Board will issue findings of fact, based on evidence of record, and conclusions of law, and will issue an order affording the proper relief consistent with the powers granted in the division.

The Code Enforcement Board is composed of the following seven members and one liaison:

  • Patrick J. Reilly
  • Jon Preiksat
  • Robert Young (Chairman)
  • Judith Keeler (Vice Chair)
  • Ernest Booker
  • Nick Flerlage
  • Greg Novak
  • Nick Pachota (Council Liaison)
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