Council & Advisory Board email

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To view email sent to or from elected officials and advisory board members, type in for user ID, and Winter365 for password. Click the link below to go to the log-in box. Note: please use Internet Explorer 8 or higher or a newer browser.

Link to Outlook Web Access Attention: Do Not Forward E-mail or Reply from the Public E-mail Box.  Please read last paragraph.

Special Attention: Please do not delete emails from this public email box. This is an email box that is viewed by many people and if you delete emails others may not be able to see them. Please be advised the emails in this box are COPIES only. The original emails are in the Council members active mailboxes and if needed can be provided as a public records request through the Clerk’s office.

The Public E-mail Box is a READ ONLY and is NOT TO BE USED to forward or send mail. The public log on is for you to READ ONLY. Any attempt in sending mail from the public email box will result in the email going nowhere as all sending from the public email box HAS BEEN DISABLED. Please use your personal email accounts when sending mail to the City Council or City Staff so that your email will be received.

Thanks for your cooperation in making this work for all that use it.