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Fire Department



Fire Inspection and Permitting Fees

The Venice Fire Department has three stations: Station 1, 112 S. Harbor Drive on the island; Station 2, 200 N. Grove St. on the mainland; and Station 3, at 5300 E. Laurel Road. Administrative offices are located at Station 2.

Firemedics are Florida certified firefighters who are also trained as emergency medical technicians. The department serves as first responder with Sarasota County Fire Department ambulance crews.

A wide variety of training and work programs contribute to the department’s optimum level state of readiness and its minimal number of avoidable emergency calls. Non-emergency programs include inspections and building plan reviews, preplanning, building surveys and engine company familiarizations and equipment maintenance.

A marine rescue and fire suppression program allows fire medics to provide emergency rescue and support to swimmers and boaters in natural bodies of water.

The department maintains an outstanding ISO (Insurance Services Organization) rating of 2. This places Venice in the top 3 percent of all fire departments in Florida, which results in lower fire insurance rates for residents and businesses in the city.

DIRECT (Doing It Right Ensures Citizens’ Trust) is the department’s unique customer service program that goes one step beyond answering the emergency call. Once the fire is put out, or other tragedy resolved, firemedics are empowered to help the victims of these emergencies deal with the aftermath of their situations. This may include providing meals, taxi fare and personal items. Grant funds, received from The Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice, enable the department to provide this service.

For more information, call (941) 480-3030.




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