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Building and Code Enforcement



The Building and Code Enforcement Department facilitates effective solutions for promoting the safety, health and welfare of the citizens of the City of Venice. It administers code enforcement in relation to violations of the city's code of ordinances and provides permitting and inspection needs to residents, contractors and developers.

Permit information, inspection scheduling and payment of fees are available using the City's new Online Permitting service.


The department also provides support for three boards appointed by the mayor with approval of city council:





Major Functions:


Building permits are required to ensure protection of public health, safety and welfare as well as safety of emergency responders as they are affected by building construction, through structural strength, adequate egress facilities, sanitary equipment, light, ventilation and fire safety.

Plan Review

Plans and construction documents are reviewed for compliance with the current applicable codes and ordinances and are reviewed by Florida State Certified Plans Examiners. The plans review process is mandated by the Florida Building Code and can save an applicant time and money by identifying potential code violations.


The inspections function is an important aspect of the building departments operations. The city's state-certified inspectors observe construction projects for compliance with current applicable codes and ordinances. Specialized inspectors perform detailed review of various systems, such as the air conditioning, electrical wiring and plumbing.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement promotes community compliance with city municipal codes to enhance the quality of life and foster civic pride. Code Enforcement responds to citizens concerns involing zoning violations, overgrown lots or yards, inoperative vehicles, maintenance of structures, illegal signs and public nuisances.


Latest News:

Effective Date for the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Codes

The effective date for the 5th edition (2014) Florida Building Codes is June 30, 2015. All applications submitted on, or after, June 30, 2015 shall be designed in accordance with the 5th edition (2014) Florida Building Code for Building, Residential, Existing Building, Energy Conservation, Fuel Gas, Mechanical, and/or Plumbing.

Copies of the new codes are accessible on the ICC International Code Council's webpage: Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014).

An analysis of the changes between the 2010 and 2014 codes with comparison tables for each code can be found on the following links or on the Florida Department of Professional Regulation's Code Resources webpage.

Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) - Building

Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) - Residential

Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) - Existing Building

Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) - Energy Conservation

Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) - Fuel Gas

Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) - Mechanical

Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) - Plumbing

The 2011 National Electrical Code will also become effective on June 30, 2015. Information
can be found on the National Fire Protection Association's Codes & Standards webpage.

Analysis of 2011 NEC Code Changes

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