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Venice Housing Authority


Venice Housing Authority oversees the management of the former Grove Terrace, now being reconstructed as Venetian Walk. The authority members are appointed by the mayor, but the authority operates under the auspices of the federal Housing and Urban Development.


Committee members
Lorna Hunter  
Aundria Castleberry  
Joseph Dalton  
James Kraut  
Kathy Lehner, Vice Chair  
Douglas Roach  
Jason Weaver, Chairman  
Mayor John Holic, city liaison  

HUD Representative

Victor Rocher

Acting Director

Office of Public Housing

 To contact the Venice

Housing Authority:

Martha L. Thomas
Office Manager
Venice Housing Authority
201 N. Grove St.
Venice, FL  34285
Telephone: (941) 488-3526
FAX: ( 941) 486-0418






Board Member Application




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